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Why Moby’s unique service makes sense for small businesses

When deciding to build a new website from scratch, or completely revamp an existing website, there are many components to evaluating what the best option to build your website is. Some important factors that you have to weigh include:

  • Cost

  • Your technical aptitude to build it yourself

  • Friends or acquaintances that you might have to help

  • Functionality that potential service partners include

  • And many more

In this article, we’d like to explore a facet of building or revamping a website that many businesses don’t consider, and one they really should: hosting, technical maintenance, and making updates. These services are very similar to the initial design and build of a site - they can be done on the cheap but often take a lot of time to oversee or they can be done as a custom service for a high cost. At Moby, we don’t believe in either of those approaches - we believe in taking care of all of those needs for our clients for a single, low price.

The “behind the scenes” functions of having a website, such as a hosting service or technical maintenance is often overlooked by business owners as they explore options for a new website because they’re not "sexy" features. However, these services are crucial because they make sure your website not only stays active (so your domain can be found and your website can be displayed) but if something changes with your hosting service or website architecture and you’re not keeping an eye on it, it can cause disaster for your website, or worse, your entire business.

Small issues like broken links or single pages being down or even huge issues like your domain being taken by someone who was waiting for your ownership to expire are all problems that can arise when you aren’t paying close attention to those “back office” services. Most people don’t have enough time to check off all the tasks on their daily to-do list, so how often do they forget to check in on these easily forgotten chores?

Moby offers a unique service that is really meant to take the entire process of designing, implementing, and maintaining a holistic website experience. Moby’s team will not only design and code a beautiful, personalized website for your business, but once that’s done, they’ll continue to make technical upgrades to your site, take care of your hosting service, and even make updates to your site content or design - all included in one simple price.

By making the decision to purchase all of these services in one package, not only does your business not need to constantly keep an eye on the backend of your website set up, but it gives your business an inexpensive, predictable cost in order to keep your website up and running. You’ll never have to worry about whether contacting your web service to make small changes and edits on your site will be “worth it” because you have to pay extra (which can commonly cost upwards of $180 per hour). Moby’s team of experts will not only keep your website working flawlessly but making any changes to reflect your business branding, products, or service offerings won’t require any cost/benefit analysis on your part. It’s all included.

Reach out to Moby’s team today so you can learn more about the benefits of having a dedicated team of experts managing the hosting, maintenance, and updating of your website for the low cost of $249/month. It’s several more things off your to-do list, for one low price, so you can spend more time and money focusing on what really matters - your business.

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